Sunday, 18 May 2014

Cornwall Holidays: Things to Do - Cornish Heritage Safaris

Cornish Heritage Safaris is a new service for people who want to explore the magic and mystery of Cornwall. We can take you to unique places that many people miss, and share with you some of the facts, the stories and the background needed to understand and interpret them.

We provide guided tours planned around a theme, or bespoke excursions tailored to suit you, so that you can relax and enjoy your days out with us. We organise everything so you can take full advantage of your precious holiday time.
Cornish Heritage Safaris
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From the stories of King Arthur to the history of Cornish industry and the theories put forward to explain stone circles, they've done their research. So why not join them on one of their tours and discover a Cornwall full of myth and magic, with legends of ghosts, bloody battles and murder on the moor.

Things to Do On Holiday in Cornwall - whilst staying at Rooky's Nook - luxury Holiday Cottage for two, Cornwall 

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