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Dog Friendly Holidays

Going on holiday with your dog can be a very special experience, as any dog owner will know - especially if you're going to stay in a luxury dog friendly cottage in Cornwall! So to ensure both you, and your dog get the most enjoyment from your holiday, here are a few handy tips:

Check List for Dog Friendly Holiday: - for all sizes, breeds & ages of dog:-

dog friendly holiday cottages in cornwallRidpgGpi9 (440x440) Paw print Dog Bed: Like us, dog's like their 'canine comforts', and to have something familiar (which often smells of them!) will help them to feel secure, and happy, enabling them to relax in otherwise often unfamiliar surroundings - so please don't forget to pack their bed, throws, blankets or whatever they usually sleep in at home. If you have a dog crate/cage, this can also help provide a safe, secure place for your dog - helping to discourage them from climbing onto furniture and beds in your holiday accommodation, seeking a warm, comfy place in which to cuddle, or snuggle up!
dog friendly holiday cottages in cornwallRidpgGpi9 (440x440) Paw printHoliday Dog Collar and Leads: Salty sea water and sand can discolour and erode both leather and metal on dog leads and dog collars. So to avoid this why not have special 'holiday leads & collar' for your dog, made from durable synthetic material. After all, we all have our own 'holiday gear' - so why shouldn't your 'pampered pooch' have theirs?
RidpgGpi9 (440x440) Paw printDog Food, Bowls and Water Bottle: Dogs, like their owners, are 'creatures of habit' and know what they like to eat and drink - including occasional 'treats' and rewards - especially if these are for good behaviour. So again, please don't forget to pack these (even if you can 'top up' at the local shops). Alternatively it may be easier for you to include your dog's petfood in your supermarket delivery on arrival.
dog friendly holiday cottages in cornwallRidpgGpi9 (440x440) Paw printPoopa Scoopa Bags: All responsible dog owners know they should clear up after their dog, so please remember to pack lots of disposable poo bags for your holiday. And then also remember to use them!
RidpgGpi9 (440x440) Paw print Wet Weather Gear:  Wellies (or a pair of waterproof walking shoes), waterproofs, plus dog towels are basic essentials. Here at Rooky's Nook there is an outside tap where both muddy boots and muddy / sandy dogs can be washed off before going inside the cottage.
RidpgGpi9 (440x440) Paw printHot Weather Gear: Please remember to provide shade and water for your dog, and never leave your dog in your car in the heat, even with the windows open, as 'hot dogs can die in cars' - which would be tragic, and is totally avoidable.
dog friendly holiday cottages in cornwallRidpgGpi9 (440x440) Paw printLocal Vet(s): Every dog owner's worst nightmare is to have their dog hurt or unwell whilst away on holiday, so please make sure you know where the local vet is - and how to contact them - should the need arise. (At Rooky's Nook, we have 2 local vets nearby in Camelford). Plus, if you have Dog Insurance, remember to have these details with you - should you need to make a claim whilst you're away on holiday.
RidpgGpi9 (440x440) Paw printDog Friendly Beaches: Cornwall has an amazing selection of beaches - open all year, in all weathers, offering fantastic places to walk your dog. However some of these Cornish beaches operate a dog ban, either all year, or just 'out of season' (7am - 7pm daily, from Easter day until 1st October), so please remember to check before you wonder out - to save yourself and your dog any embarassment.
dog friendly holiday cottages in cornwallRidpgGpi9 (440x440) Paw printDog Friendly Walks: Here in Cornwall there are numerous fantastic dog friendly walks to explore, full of potential hazards so please take care, both of yourself and your dog. Whilst the views from clifftops are dramatic, (each year dogs die accidently running over cliffs), and the sea look very inviting (strong currents and swell can sweep you away from the beach out to sea), or mine shafts pose exciting places to explore (avoid falling in), so please watch out for both youself and your dog - and enjoy your holiday!


Now all you have to do is BOOK your Dog Friendly Holiday.  Come and stay at Rooky's Nook luxury dog friendly holiday cottage for 2, in Trewalder, near Port Isaac and Tintagel, North Cornwall, UK

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Cornwall

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